Friday, June 19, 2015

Quiet Goodbyes

A week ago I came down with a cold. Since then I've stayed home from a MOPS playdate, from Sunday worship, from various other playdates.

I missed out on all the formal, purposeful goodbyes, and this is hurting me.

I wanted to say an actual goodbye to my MOPS friends, and to my church friends, and to my neighborhood friends. But I'm quarantining myself to keep them from getting this terrible cold. And so it turns out I've already had my goodbyes: they were normal, quiet, "see you later!" goodbyes instead of purposeful, heartfelt, sincere, well-spoken.

Having slept poorly (this cough! it slays me!) and been sick for several days, and helping little children who are also sick get back to sleep...and having every lady's Aunt Flo coming soon for her visit and sending her advance guard of Hormonal Moodiness and Cranky Fatigue exaggerating the emotions that are already there--I am weepy today.

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